The Visionary Roadmap Intensive

The Visionary Roadmap is a program built around YOU. We discover your greatest desires. Your deepest truths. We bring forward who you are at your inner-most core. We dive into your biggest dreams. Your vision. Your mission. We tap into your inner wisdom. Your strengths. Your innate abilities. Your superpowers. And we use all of that plus your knowledge to crack the code that will get you from where you are to where you really want to go.

When you desire personal, intensive, expansive 1:1 support for your life, your business, your mission, I’m here to support you. I hold space for you to ignite your  dreams, to build and grow your business and to BE all of who you are. You bring you, I bring me and together we create magic!

I work with people who want to leave a legacy. People who want to change the world. Who, like me, will stop at nothing to see their vision come to life. Powerful motherfuckers. Visionaries. Leaders. Rule-breakers.

People who are committed to living their truth regardless. Committed to making an impact. Playing big. Stretching and leaning into their edge. People who allow fear to propel them forward.

People who are ready to LIVE their Legacy.

The Visionary Roadmap is tailored to YOU because I understand that no program is one size fits all. We’re all at different points along the path so the support we need is different.

You know, I believe we are all here right now in this lifetime to create a legacy. And back in the Spring of 2014, mine – One Generation Peace Project – kinda fell into my lap during a conversation with my coach. Since that time, I’ve been building this vision and feeling into this idea, allowing it to fully show up. Allowing ME to show up.

And as OGPP began to fully emerge and take root in the Fall of 2015, it really made me think – what IS this legacy I call One Generation Peace Project? It’s bigger than me and yet, I have the capacity – given to me by Divine Authority, Power and Endorsement – to not only share this vision, but to live it, to embody it.

So this year I am being called to share this journey of creating a Legacy, of bringing forth our truth in an epic adventure. . .

Because YOU have been given a dream, a vision, a Legacy by Divine Authority too. And it’s time to bring it to life.

Listen – the Universe knows what we are capable of beyond all of our human excuses. Our dreams are Source working it’s magic within – and through – us.

We often think we’re alone on this road and we shut ourselves off from the world. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s time to shift our thinking – and our doing – into collaboration.

The truth is, we are here to help each other. We are here to support each other. We are here to honor and love and inspire each other.

So let’s do that.

The Visionary Roadmap is for revolutionary leaders who are ready to give form to what their soul knows.

We will create a solid foundation for your legacy based on the core concepts I teach in OGPP – truth, love and freedom. This foundation will help you move your vision forward and get you from here to where – and WHO – you really want to be.

This is a time to come info full alignment with our deepest dreams, our visions, our missions on this planet. We can no longer let that 5% of doubt and fear hold us back. It’s time to leave the residual dust of the past behind. To be all in, 100%.

It’s time to know that the moment of now is infinite. . . and it’s time to live intentionally, to love unconditionally.

Because humanity is shifting and the very fabric of the Universe requires us to lead the way.

What you should know

If you decide you want to learn more about the Visionary Roadmap, we’ll hop on the phone and dive deeply into your vision and if we decide it’s the right program for you, we’ll discuss the details like how long we’ll meet, how many sessions you’ll get and all of that good stuff.

How it works:

You receive 3 – 90 minute sessions per month, unlimited email support between sessions, quick checkins when needed plus energetic support and more.

Visionary Roadmap has 3 options: 3 months, 6 months or 10 months and begins at  $25,000.

Fill out the form over to the right for more information or book a free call with me now to see if it’s a good fit for you.

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