Leadership Academy

Hi! I am SO glad you're here!

And because you ARE here, I know something is stirring inside of you. Something much bigger than you. A calling deep within your soul to make a contribution on this planet.

You are here because you know you are different. You know you have a mission to serve. You know you are a visionary. Maybe until now you didn't know the way. Maybe you didn't the WHY. . .

So, let me share mine with you. . .

I believe that children are the future of humanity. I believe that children, like my son, who have autism and other similar labels are not broken and don't need to be fixed. There is nothing wrong with people who have such gifts. . . Yes, gifts. And they don't need a cure.

What they need are people who LOVE them. People who care for them on a deep soul level. People who see them for WHO THEY ARE. People who think beyond the box and see the pure spirit inside.

See, these kids and young adults and adults on the 'spectrum' are simply lightyears ahead of us. THEY are visionaries and they are on this planet right now to facilitate change. Lasting, loving, open change.

Change that can HEAL THE WORLD.

I KNOW with ALL of my heart and soul that we can eliminate poverty. That we can eradicate hunger. That we can end war and create a world without violence. I know that PEACE is possible.

And I believe that there are young adults and children and children yet to be born who will become the leaders, the teachers, the peacemakers the world has been waiting for.

I believe that children are the future of humanity and that those who have autism and other such labels are not broken. They do not need to be "fixed."

Some of them who don't have awakened parents like myself and a handful of others, are the "lost and forgotten" youth and young adults. They are children who grew up with little to no support. Maybe in foster care or bounced around between family. Maybe labeled as trouble makers or hyperactive or unruly. Kids who need a little extra love. Who have nowhere to turn and yet they KNOW deep within their souls that they were meant for so much more. They have gigantic dreams. They're our future leaders. They are the future of humanity. The ones who will usher in a new spirituality, a new awakening on this planet.

They WILL usher in a time of profound change and PEACE.

And my mission, my vision - my entire reason for BEING - is to create a rising of powerful, amazing, rockstar visionaries like myself who will lead and teach and mentor these young adults and children into becoming ALL of WHO they ARE. To fully knowing and loving and accepting their own power. To standing in that power, claiming it. Proclaiming it. KNOWING it.


That's why I'm creating the Visionary Leadership Circle. A program that will bring together some of the most incredible visionaries in the world. Visionaries and leaders who are willing to go where others won't. Visionaries who are committed to themselves, the future of this planet, to peace, to this mission and to their own.

This program will dare you to dream, to dive in and let go. It will provoke you to change everything and claim whatever you want as you build your vision and your life.

  • We will dive deep into YOUR vision and mission and purpose. We will discover your reason why.
  • We will dig deep into your fears, your unresolved past issues and we will face them, together. We will discover how your vision comes through you.
  • We will open you up to your highest value. We will make a sacred promise and uncover your divine symbol and intuitive gifts.
  • We will dive even further into what you truly, deeply want. We'll find what lights you up and makes you come alive. We'll seek out the impossible.

And when we've done that, we will go even deeper still.

THEN we will begin intensive training into leadership and mentoring. We will learn how to stand in our power with super tall boundaries and wide open hearts.
We will learn to connect with the pure spirit inside all of us, inside each other. And most importantly, inside ourselves.

We will learn what it takes to speak our truth - even when our voice shakes and our knees wobble.

Understand that this is a BETA program. Things may change as we go along. New processes and guides may open up. You must be willing to go with the flow.

Understand that it is NOT cheap. It will require an investment in YOU, not just financially but energetically, emotionally and physically as well. It will require an investment in your future, in your vision, in your mission and purpose. An investment in your NOW.

I have put my heart and soul into this and will continue to do so as we walk this path together. I will stop at

NOTHING to see my vision become reality.
And I will stop at nothing to see YOU become ALL of who YOU ARE.

Phase 1 - Becoming a powerful leader

In addition to 1:1 coaching with me, you will have a 4-day intensive retreat and weekly conference calls. The retreat date is yet to be determined but will likely occur in late 2019 and early 2020.

Phase 2 - Leadership & mentorship school

We will learn about true leadership and mentoring. You will continue to receive 1:1 coaching with me and weekly conference calls with the group.

Phase 3 - Circle of light

This is when we will begin working with the young adults who will be our first Circle of Light. We will guide and mentor them. Love them. Share ourselves with them


And at the end of Phase 3, we will celebrate! We will host a retreat with our youth. We will dance and sing and HAVE A SHITLOAD OF FUN.