The Roundtable for Peace

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Apply for the Roundtable

I am honored that you are here and it is my pleasure to invite you to apply for a space on the Roundtable Peace Summit.

You are here because you have a deep desire to affect massive global change. You believe that we CAN - that we have a responsibility - to ourselves, our future, our families, to create peace in One Generation.

You are here because I believe in YOU.

This application is the first step in our journey together towards a world of peace and love. YOUR world is about to change. You understand that your future is NOW. You understand that your dreams cannot wait another minute. You KNOW deep within you that you are here to create revolutionary impact. To be fully ALIVE to your purpose and your mission on this planet. To live with passion and boldness and trust.

This is not your average peace summit.
And I'm not your average coach.

Welcome. . .

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