So often, we shove aside our dreams and our desires in pursuit of what everyone else thinks we should do. We follow what society expects of us. What our parents expect of us.

And instead of owning of our gifts and our talents, instead of owning our knowledge, our experiences, our purpose on this planet, we treat it like a hobby, a mere afterthought.

Sure. . . I’d known for years what my calling was. I’ve felt it the majority of my life. But as often happens in this human experience, life got in the way and I thought “Who the hell am I to help people? What do I know? Will anyone take me seriously?” And I let fear guide my life.

And when you don’t listen – when you ignore your intuition – the Universe has a way of showing up one day and kicking your ass.

For me, that ass kicking came in the form of everything being shaken up in my life – my business and my partnership imploded. My finances imploded. Events transpired that rocked my family. The only option for me became following my calling. . .

In 2014 when I finally gave voice to my dream, I stood with my knees knocking and my voice shaking as I claimed a vision so grand, I could scarcely comprehend what it truly meant. And still, it was pounding so loudly within my soul that I had no choice but to speak it aloud.

Then as One Generation Peace Coalition began to flow through me, doors began to open – as if by magic.

And what I’ve discovered is that living your vision, your dream, your purpose isn’t some new age bullshit. It isn’t about the law of attraction. Or even about following your bliss. It isn’t about throwing caution to the wind or about finding yourself or even about expressing yourself.


It’s about freedom.

And peace.

And joy.

And most of all. . .


Because listen. . . you can’t treat your gifts, your talents, the mission you came to this earth to satisfy like a second-hand object. Your soul will wither. Your light will dim. You will never be satisfied. Your desires will never be quenched. You will drift and remain unfulfilled.

And until you get that way down deep in the marrow of your bones, you’re bound to repeat the patterns and the cycles of all the past hurts, the past regrets and the failures and the pain and the sorrows and even the anger.

Until you have a burning desire for something and know without a doubt that you are worthy and valuable, your power and your truth will elude you.

The deeper I dive into this Coalition and what it means – not just for me, but for the world – the clearer and more wide – and yet more narrow – the vision becomes.

For the past several months, I’ve been developing a roadmap to give the Coalition a solid foundation on which to grow. And now it’s time to dive even more deep into each piece and bring it fully to life.

One of the founding branches of OGPC is a group of services – youth workshops, adult workshops and an online course – based on my own personal development journey, the premise of which is to build foundational skills to allow you to serve with purpose and create your life from a space of truth, love and freedom.

My biggest challenge throughout all of this has been to find where the Coalition ends and my coaching work begins. As I’ve continued to walk this path, I’ve found they are not entirely separate. There are many points at which they intersect – so much so that ultimately, they are not separate at all. Yet they are each individual and unique and stand alone.

And seeing that has given rise to exactly what OGPC is here to accomplish. What OGPC really stands for.

It’s more than healing the planet in One Generation.

More than creating a world of peace and love in One Generation.

The mission of One Generation Peace Coalition is to teach the world that we CAN – that we have an obligation – to RISE UP. To rise above the chaos and the noise and the fear. To rise above the doubt and the suffering.

An obligation to BE all that we ARE. To LOVE. To teach the world that we are all ONE.

Equal. Beautiful. Worthy.

That we weren’t meant to walk this world alone. We were meant to walk it side by side, helping each other along the way.




Love is the light that will lead to peace. ❤️