I wanted to share this audio with you that I recorded a couple of days ago.

We are at a time in history where it’s imperative to BE the ideals we want to see in the world. To BE the change we want to see in the world.

Several years ago, my good friend Dana, said one of the things she admired most about me was this:

“You can ream someone a new one in such a kind and loving way that by time you’re done, they thank you for it.”

And because the basic tenet of my organization, One Generation Peace Coalition, is the idea that when we can all live from a place of love, purpose, and freedom, we can create a world of peace and love in One Generation.

Right now, it’s imperative to shift the tide of rhetoric and resistance in this country and around the globe. . . with peace, love, and courage for what is right and true.


It is my mission that ALL people, regardless of the color of their skin, their national origin, their age, ability, economic status, sexual orientation, gender or anything else are fully and wholly equal and free.

Special thanks to Marilyn Rodriguez for always pushing me to be better, to do better, to love deeper. ❤️