Since it’s inception, One Generation Peace Project has felt massive and yet, expansive. And I’ll be honest – oftentimes, it feels overwhelming.

Recently, I came to a huge realization. . .

Part of the overwhelm I have felt has come from one piece of the OGPP name that didn’t resonate with me – or it’s mission and vision – 100%.

>>> Project.

For months, the word ‘project’ has been feeling increasingly out of alignment. It’s made it difficult for me to keep leaning in to the vision and the movement.

I finally sat with this feeling and asked the movement what it REALLY wanted, WHO it wanted to be.

And as a result, a more resonant, fully aligned name has come forward. . .

One Generation Peace Coalition

We will be using the new name effective immediately and will begin the process of changing the name on our website (including ultimately the domain name), Facebook pages, other social media, and elsewhere.

And now that this piece feels so much more alive and magical, we can move forward with the web shop I mentioned to you earlier this spring which will include t-shirts, stickers, and other swag. 

So, stay tuned for that!

The other thing I want you to stay tuned for is an upcoming series of super short videos that we hope will not only inspire you to help us lead the OGPC movement but most importantly, ignite within you your own vision. . .

We’re going to dive into all of the topics that are important to the OGPC movement – like the ones we put on our quote graphics – in little bite-sized pieces that you can watch quickly and share with others easily.

I’ll be posting the first video very soon!

I hope you enjoy all that we have coming up and I look forward to serving the OGPC movement of creating a world of peace and love in One Generation with YOU.

Thank you for being a part of the One Generation.