the mission:

To create a world of peace
and love in One Generation

The time is NOW

BE the One Generation


My Mission

Hey there, friends! I'm Annie. 😉 And I'm here to be your Badass Trailblazer Guide.


Because I don't want to just be alive on this planet, stuck in a boring cycle of keeping up with the Joneses - I want to blaze new trails and lead an epic life. And I want to help you do that too. This blog is part of my attempt to do both.

Now, what exactly does that mean?

Blazing new trails means creating a life you love, not one you're merely satisfied with or one that you've settled for because it's what's expected of you. It means getting out there, finding your passion and then taking the challenge by horns and reining it in.

It means doing epic shit - even when you're scared shitless. 😉

Being a Badass Trailblazer means following your dreams, making the impossible become inevitable because you never give up on making it a reality. Your driving force becomes persistence, passion and faith.

Faith in yourself, faith in your dream and faith that the Universe is on your side.

My mission is to empower women entrepreneurs to be Badass Trailblazers who live a kick-ass life and do wicked good epic shit.

Even when others tell you it's impossible. Even when you have no idea how to make it happen. And especially, when you tell yourself it's impossible.

You can stand idly by and let life pass you up or you can stand up and become the most powerful YOU possible.

Your choice.

No matter what you choose, I want you to remember 2 things:

  1. If you're pissing people off and feeling scared, you're probably on the right track. And -
  2. Life is too short to fuck around.