About One Generation Peace Coalition

A Metamorphosis

You know, this is a very vulnerable time for me. I'm standing at the entrance to a whole new dimension. I'm standing in between the incubation of a dream and the expansion of that dream. A realizing of that dream.

And right now, each step I take demands all of my strength. All of my focus. All of ME. Each step I take paves the way for the next.

There are days I question everything. Days I want to give in. Those days are made harder by the fact that the turns the path has made recently have left me shaken. There are days I want to say "fuck you" to the universe. There are days I want to turn back the clock. Days I want to ask for a do-over.

Then I'm reminded that in every moment I have a choice. In every moment I am safe and loved and protected. In every moment I am blessed. And I am supported.

So I'm writing this tonight because right now it would be so easy to just walk away from everything. It would be so easy to just turn my back on this dream. To slam the door and leave.

Yet I can't.
I won't.

Because last year when this dream took hold of my heart, I made a commitment. . .

To myself.

I realized then that a commitment to myself - my true self - was the only commitment I ever need make. And as long as I am true to me, as long as I committed wholly to myself, then no matter what happens, I can never fail. That no matter what happens, my dreams will propel me forward.

Even when I feel like giving up. And especially when I feel like giving up. Because it is rooted so deeply in who I am, that I live it and breathe it every second of every day.

The way may not be easy and I may not understand each twist it takes. . . I may rail against the changes now and then. . . and still one thing I know is true. . .

The Vision

There is a desire in my soul far deeper than any other. A desire so deep, so wide, so expansive that I often question my sanity. A desire and a dream so profound, it scares the shit out of me. A dream so fucking big that it permeates every cell, every atom, every ounce of my being.

And that is to create a world of peace and love in One Generation. To heal the entire planet in One Generation. I know without a doubt it’s possible. And I will stop at nothing to see my dream become a reality.

Humanity is ready for leadership. TRUE leadership. It is ready for LOVE and PEACE. It is ready for learning a new way to BE and operate in life and in the world. Things are rapidly changing. . . You can look anywhere and see that. And they say things often get worse before they get better. . . I believe that’s the time we are in right now.

And NOW is the time to turn the tide.
NOW is the time to RISE UP.

It’s time for ALL of humanity to stand together. It’s time to eliminate division. It’s time to eradicate war and violence and hunger and poverty.

It’s time to show the world that we are all One.

It’s time to redefine spirituality. To return to the truth of Light, the truth of God. It’s time to return to Love.

Love and only love heals all wounds.

I firmly believe there is no more time to waste. Not one more child needs to grow up believing they're broken and unworthy. Not one more child needs to suffer alone. Not one more child needs to die or be hurt or lost.

NOW is the time to show our youth that love and truth are the pathway. NOW is the time show our youth that peace and harmony are within them. NOW is the time to show our youth that hiding and holding our emotions inside is not the answer.

Later this year as part of this work, I will be hosting a very special group of extraordinary individuals - luminaries and visionaries - who will come together to collaborate, to create a collective mission that will carry this vision into the world.

Leaders. World-changers. Trailblazers.

It’s time to tip the scales over in favor of peace.

What if we could create a world of peace and love? What if we could dissolve ANYTHING that does not look like love and light and truth?

The fact is. . . we CAN. We MUST. The time is NOW.

We can create a world of love and peace in One Generation.
We can heal the entire planet in One Generation.
Start with YOU. Start TODAY. Start NOW.
Because LOVE is always the answer. <3